Spring Jam held at St. Patrick’s Center

Wellness Wednesday – Giving Back Feels Great!

On Saturday, June 8th, I had an opportunity to be a volunteer vendor at the Spring Jam held at St. Patrick’s Center. It was a great opportunity to meet, greet and connect with some wonderful people who reside and work in the city of Wilmington.

I gave away brochures on LinkedIn with Stylus pens to those who were interested in learning more about this social media platform as they seek employment or perhaps in searching for community agencies online.

Business owner and member of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, Markevis Gideon, of NERDiTNow and the NERDiTNOW Foundation helped to organize this wonderful FREE event and he also donated several computers for St. Patrick’s Center lab.

The Spring Jam held at St. Patrick’s Center included several other businesses who had donated clothing, food, wellness checks, job skills information and care kits for anyone who attended.

Spring Jam held at St. Patrick's Center
Spring Jam held at St. Patrick’s Center

St. Patrick’s Center

According to their website, St. Patrick’s Center is a major part of the community and plays a vital role to those in need. Without the help of the St. Patrick’s Center a tremendous amount of people in need would suffer. The Center has an ongoing challenge — to sponsor Nutritional, Social Service, Transportation, Clothing, Recreational and Empowerment programs, similar to those once provided by federal and state agencies.

With the help of a small network of supporters, St. Patrick’s Center has become key among the organizations that provide vital services to the community.

At the Center, friends gather in a secure, friendly environment to play cards and other games, enjoy television and other activities. St. Patrick’s is a source of information and referral for people needing assistance in accessing healthcare, filing taxes, dealing with Social Security, or securing food stamps.

NERDiT Now Team members
NERDiT Now Team with the Delaware Blogger

Supporters of Spring Jam at St. Patrick’s Center

In addition to A.Blake Enterprises, the following organizations were also supporters of the St. Patrick’s Center and contributed to the success of the Spring Jam.

  • BeWell Life Coaching
  • Caritas
  • United Healthcare
  • Goodwill Delaware
  • DETV
  • Food Bank of Delaware
  • Always Best Care Senior Services
  • DHSS
  • Kenny Family Foundation
Free Food and Drinks were donated for the Spring Jam held at St. Patrick's Center
Free Food & Drinks were provided at Spring Jam held at St. Patrick’s Center

The weather was gorgeous for this family friendly event and the music made it even more of a festive affair.

NERDiTNOW Foundation

Markevis Gideon has been giving back to the community that had given so much to him with not only donations of computers and lab equipment but also in time and expertise.

​​​​​​​I invite you to head over to his LinkedIn page to read more about him and his TEDx Talk on the subject.

Goodwill Delaware Donations
Clothing Donations from Goodwill Delaware

Let’s Chat > Do you have an opportunity to give back in your community?

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  1. LinkedIn is one platform I’ve never spent a lot of time on…I have some of my friends that connected with me there. But it never seemed like a social platform so we’d never hear from each other there. My profile there is probably in need of a huge update. ?

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