Starting a Podcast – What is Your Why?

Starting a Podcast – What is Your WHY?​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before starting a podcast you should ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking to expand your brand or become an influential voice in your industry?

Are you looking to start a new business or enter into a new marketplace?

Are you are looking to generate new marketing connections, clients and customers? 

Are you looking to grow your email list so you can turn your prospects into paying customers?

Are you looking to become the subject matter expert in your industry?

Do you have content that can be re-purposed from articles and/or blog posts?

All of the above?

Or is there another reason?

The answer to these questions will determine your content, format, and the all important Call to Action.

Remember, being clear on the answers to the above questions as well as to those below are key to starting a podcast.

The right strategy with consistent promotion of your podcast will ensure that it generates the best return on investment which can perhaps become a profitable podcast.

Starting a Podcast What is Your Why


Who is your ideal listener? Have you selected a specific target market audience?

What are the pain points, issues and/or problems your ideal client is struggling with?

Are your ideal clients even aware of what they are struggling with and/or the solution you offer?


What information will you be sharing on your podcast show? 

What is the theme of your show?

What message are you bringing that makes it unique from other podcasts in your industry?

What resources can you use tap into in order to ensure the information you share is current, relevant and of significance and interest to your audience?


Where will you be promoting your podcasts? On what social media platforms?

Where are your ideal listeners spending most of their time? Are you active on those platforms?   

Are you using keywords, phrases, and hashtags that will build influence in your field of expertise?


How will you maintain consistency for maximum exposure? 

How frequently will you be publishing your shows? 

When are you scheduling, publishing and re-purposing your content?

How can you maintain consistency to ensure you publish regularly as expected by your listeners?

Listen to this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast to hear more.

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