“Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” Podcast Interview with Angela Baker-Ward

“Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know”

In today’s world we are constantly reading about sexual harassment and sexual abuse by both men and women many who have kept silent for years. The #MeToo Movement may have been the spark that ignited a firestorm, but sexual and physical abuse and harassment is not something new it has just been hidden, for far too long, but no more.  


Men and women are speaking up, from Alter Boys to authors, even years and decades after the incidents more and more are telling their stories, speaking up and speaking out, writing books and blogs, both of which are great ways in which to share their stories.

About the book

“Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” is a perfect book for both individual and group studies. It’s a great graduation gift to aid in passing on last minute life instructions. It helps mentors show mentees that starting over is possible. It shows everyone that yes, you can leave a life of abuse and hopelessness and live a life full of love, joy, and peace.

The contents of “Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” speak on some of the tragic moments Angela experienced as a child, but overcame in such a way that had she not told you, you would have no idea she is a survivor of such a harsh past.

It combines her life experiences with some of the things she wish she had been made aware of; things that could’ve better prepared her for life as an adult.

Some of the topics you will find in “Teach Me What Mama Didn’t Know” are:

* Self Love

* Abuse

* Dream Killers

* Temptations

* Money Management

* Marriage

* Religion

* Starting Over

Click this link to listen to this wonderful interview with author, Angela Baker-Ward and make sure to share it with others!


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