The Importance of Super Podcast Listeners

The Importance of Super Listeners For Your Podcast

Today’s Guest Post was written by Donna Maurer

With multiple people listening to podcasts and their popularity increasing over the years, the market has evaluated and deemed those who listen to podcasts over the average amount of time beneficial for podcasters. These smaller amounts of consumers who account for the high demand are called ‘Super Listeners’ by Edison Research and listen to more than five hours of podcasts every week. They are avid listeners and consumers of content.

So, why are Super Listeners important for your podcast? 

They will be the consumers most impacted and opinionated by your podcast and the ones that people will listen to in terms of what content they recommend. These listeners are the ideal audience to have in your corner, depending on your podcast content and affiliations.

Your marketing and strategy efforts to get visibility with your brand, business, or services under your podcast will be heard and evaluated by Super Listeners. Here are some reasons why you need to focus on and appeal to Super Listeners for your podcast.


Super Listeners are the most actively engaged people in the podcast world. They are most likely to respond to you when you ask for reviews, or do a giveaway, or provide some call-to-action task from your listeners. They will bring you the benefit of participating and showing you that they listen to what you have to offer. 

These Super Listeners are:

  • Avid subscribers to podcast shows
  • Listen to multiple hours/episodes
  • Pay for content to avoid advertisements
  • Potential clients for your business

Because they are so involved with podcasts, they will be devoted followers. Suppose you have a social media platform or website that showcases the product or service that you offer. In that case, these listeners of your podcast can become loyal customers, bringing you a huge benefit, as well as helping generate more income. 

Super Podcast Listeners


Since these Super Listeners enjoy engaging with your podcast content and possibly becoming avid fans of your product or service, they would make perfect affiliates for your marketing campaigns and audience growth. Super Listeners take significant interest in the podcast, making them more likely to recommend it.

Statistically, 96% of dedicated podcast fans or Super Listeners will recommend content to their friends and easily consume double the content of an average podcast listener. Rather than listening passively or multitasking, they hear and listen to what podcasts offer and provide feedback. If you are relatively new to podcasting, these listeners are all you need to work towards getting to take in your podcast content, and you will soon see immense growth in your subscribers and downloaders.


As you grow your audience of Super Listeners, keep in mind that engaging them as much as possible will allow you an easier time with monetization. If your main goal with your podcast is to grow a business or obtain a profit ultimately, these Super Listeners should be your focus. They are also crucial if you recommend or endorse products or services on your shows, allowing you to promote affiliations and earn some kickback.

They make for an essential and lucrative audience, giving you opportunities to have them subscribe to other aspects of your business. If you choose to monetize through ads or use your podcast as a marketing tool for your business, ensure that your marketing techniques are catered to what your Super Listeners are asking for, and you will achieve better results.


Super Listeners do not only spend a lot of time listening to podcasts; they take an interest in your work and will go back to listen to old episodes as well as new ones. If they enjoy your content, they are more likely to “binge-listen” to multiple episodes in one sitting. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your content, you need to reach out to these Super Listeners. Since they listen to and consume multiple podcasts, maybe even within your same industry, they can provide valuable feedback on improving your content. Take in their feedback to help you find new ways to engage your audience with podcast music licensing services for better intro and outro music that will grab their attention. 

Podcasts should focus on delivering well-researched and in-depth content on a specific topic. Taking time to research and analyze for content means that the Super Listeners are receiving high-quality content. It would help you with the podcast’s quality and deliver value. Some ways that you can add more depth to your content include doing analysis and reviews, providing interviews, or pushing statistics or details that you’ve collected to support your content.


When you publish and promote your podcast, you should reach out and ask specifically for recommendations or advice from your listeners. Part of what makes great content and marketing is knowing what your target audience wants. Find ways that you can further engage these Super Listeners to give you feedback, either in a review or recommend topics that you can cover. 

Make sure not to cover the same topics or utilize the same routine with your podcast over and over. While listeners do enjoy the comfort of the podcast’s breakdown, making some tweaks in your content or delivery can allow for more favorable subscribers because they will focus their attention on what you will do next.

If you can reach the Super Listeners and gain feedback, you also gain trust, loyalty, and growth. The listeners you need are not random scrollers; they are involved in your work and believe in what you have to offer. So you must provide them with quality content and let them know that they matter just as much to you as you do to them.

Super Listeners are there as a lucrative group to take your work seriously. They can provide you with valuable suggestions, as well as provide you with a great source of lead generation for your products, services, or affiliations. If you are new to the world of podcasting, keep these listeners in mind and utilize them as part of your strategy. Podcasting is a strong and powerful media for these listeners, so the more you can market and provide to them, the more success your podcast will have.

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