Power of a Podcast

Power of a Podcast

Hello my friends, how have you been? I have been extremely busy with speaking engagements but I am not complaining because I love it especially since I am fully vaccinated and the venues are Covid-Compliant!

Last Saturday I conducted a social media workshop for small business owners at Maranatha Life Changing Church in Dover.

It’s a beautiful church with Pastors Ennio & Maribell Zaragoza, and it was a great day to be a part of their “Love my City Day” events and I will be returning for their Mother’s Day program in May.

Posing with Pastors (mother and son) Ennio & Maribel Zaragoza

Also on Saturday, Episode #253 Power of a Podcast was published and if you haven’t signed up to receive notification of my weekly shows, make sure that you head over to my podcast webpage to subscribe.

Power of a Podcast – Episode #253 on Anchor FM

I once again talked about why podcasting has become a very powerful medium for not only rich and famous politicians such as Barack Obama or comedians such as Dave Chappell; Talk Show hosts Oprah Winfrey or even actors and actresses such as Demi Moore and Dennis Quaid but for the many reasons listed below:

  • Push -vs- Pull Marketing
  • Intimate and involved
  • Record anywhere on a large, free stage
  • Listen anywhere – complete control
  • 100% open rate -vs- email/newsletters
  • Connect with clients on their commute or cleaning – multitask and binge consume
  • Revenue investments expected to increase to $1B

If you are interested in starting a podcast make sure to send an email to me at info@ablakeenterprises.com to schedule a 15-Min Complimentary Discovery Call and to sign up for one of the 5-Week Coaching packages.

Podcasting Your Purpose 5 - Week Program

Oh by the way, I will also be presenting “Podcast Promotion via Social Media” on May 4th for Podfest Masterclass Online Summit and if you wish to secure a FREE $99 day pass, please head over to the Evite website and enter the code “BlakesBackstage” when checking out….I told you that I was busy!

I hope all is well with you too!

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