Time Enough At Last – Time to Unwind and Relax

Time Enough At Last – Time to Unwind and Relax

Most of you know that “Time Enough at Last” is my favorite Twilight Zone episode and every year I start it by watching hours of this Syfy marathon.

2017…it’s a new year… it’s time to take care of ourselves…it’s time to take the time to unwind and relax.


Take time to unwind and relax


We all need to take the time to unwind…we need to take the time to make time for “me time”.   It is so important to do so in order to stay healthy and happy going forward.

Taking time for ourselves is even more important today than it ever was.  We are all running a mile per minute and are always plugged into some sort of device…a Smartphone, a Tablet or a Computer.

Last year, I made a conscious decision to regularly carve out time in my busy schedule to relax and treat myself to some “me time”  As fate would have it, I was chosen as one of the winners to receive an hour massage from Relax Delaware during a visit at the Small Business Expo at the Chase Center.


Relax Delaware Spa

Terri Dalton, LMT is the massage therapist at Relax Delaware and when she contacted me regarding the award, needless to say, I was overly excited. Scheduling an appointment for the beginning of the year was a perfect way to kick off 2017.

Upon arriving at Relax Delaware which is located on the campus of the University of Delaware at 62 North Chapel Street I was warmly greeted by Terri.  I had completed the initial Health/Lifestyle History form prior to arriving for my 4:00 appointment, therefore, Terri and I spent the first few minutes reviewing it.



Massages are very personal experiences therefore, it is important to start each session talking about what specific areas need to be addressed.

My major area of concern was upper neck tightness due to the long hours of commuting, I decided to use my hour session with a concentration in that area only, next time I will schedule a total body massage.

The reception area at Relax Delaware is one of quiet comfort, dimmed lights and soothing music playing in the background.


Reception area at Relax Delaware


I must admit that it took about 15 minutes on the table to totally relax, but once I did, I was in another world.  Terri is an excellent massage therapist and I felt great as she was able to work out those kinks with gentle pressure where I needed it the most.

After the full hour, which begins when Terri places her hand on your body, not the time spent talking, I was advised to rise slowly and drink some water before getting re-dressed.



Upon rising from the table I did feel a bit lightheaded which Terri explained could be due to several factors.  It could be from laying face down during the massage, or it could be due to how the blood was now circulating throughout my body, or it could be from the release of toxins from my body.  Whatever, the cause it only lasted few minutes before I was able to get my bearings.

Relax Delaware Massage services include: Deep Tissues, Oncology, Touch of Health, Cranio Sacral, Raindrop Therapy, Relaxation, Hot Bamboo, Reiki and Hot Stone massages.


Relax Delaware also provides on-site massage services which is perfect for Employee/Customer Appreciation, Trade Shows, Health Fair and more. 

Refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate your employees, in 15 minutes Relax Delaware can increase productivity, boost morale, reduce stress and create a relaxed state of alertness, which is better than a coffee break!


At the time of the post, the pricing is as follows:

Pricing     30 min       1 hour           90 minute

Massage   $45            $75                $105

Reiki          $45           $75                 $105

Hot Bamboo              $85

Hot Stone                   $120

Raindrop Therapy  $115

Gift Certificates are available and I am going to purchase one for hubby as he could definitely use one.

You can call Terri for an appointment at 302-753-2022

Let’s Chat: are you committed to taking time for yourself in the new year?

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