Top 10 of the Weekend

Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend Episode 6/15/20

Top 10 podcasting questions from the weekend Episode 6/15/2020

Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend – 6/15/20

The following is the list of last weekend’s podcasting questions gathered from various Facebook groups and forums:

  1. What do you use to protect your voice and your throat?
  2. Why did you get involved in Podcasting?
  3. How to grow after the 1st 100 listeners?
  4. When should I turn on the explicit label on Anchor FM?
  5. Best platform to promote your podcast?
  6. Who do you use as your Podcast host?
  7. How do you stay motivated?
  8. Pain points of podcasting
  9. Live Podcast yay or nay?
  10. I am a Blogger should I start a Podcast too?

You can hear the answers to these questions on today’s Episode #57 of Podcasting Your Purpose on my YouTube Channel

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend Episode 6/15/20

  1. I haven’t tried blogging yet. I have recorded lectures for my students, and I end up redoing the recordings multiple times. I admire people who can speak with confidence through vlogging and podcasts. Thanks for the tips (in case I decided to get over my apprehensions).

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