Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend

Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend Episode 6/8/2020

Top 10 podcasting questions posted on Facebook and from

Top 10 Questions of the Weekend Episode 6/8/2020 from Podcasting Your Purpose YouTube Series.

On today’s episode of Podcasting Your Purpose the following questions were taken from various Facebook groups and from

  1. Why did you start a podcast?
  2. Do you use a script or just wing it?
  3. How are you marketing your podcasts?
  4. How long do you think an episodes should be (less than an hour/30 min/15 min)
  5. Audiograms Waave-vs- Headliner
  6. Where do you get ideas for your shows?
  7. Why has podcasting become so popular?
  8. How to start a podcast?
  9. Podcasting Best Practices (topic/content/consistency/community/audio/hosting/promotion)
  10. Free music sites — Kevin MacLeod & Commercial Kings intro

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