Winter decor from Walmart

Winter Porch Decor from Walmart

Hello friends…have you finished decorating for the holidays yet?

Christmas Greetings

Believe it or not but my son and I just put up the Christmas Tree last night, however, since we’ve downsized into our Forever Home, I only had 4 boxes of decorations as opposed to the 20+ we used to have so it only took a few hours to get it done!

Christmas Decor
Christmas Tree

I did however, complete the porch decor last weekend thanks to a trip to Walmart!

Porch decorations from Walmart

I also posted some of these pics last week on my Instagram and Facebook pages but I wanted to share a few of them here with you on the blog.

Front Door

I think these decorations were really cute and I didn’t spend a lot of money on any of them either!

Black and White Winter Decor

I chose not to go with the traditional red and green holiday theme colors, instead I went with the black and white so I can keep them outdoors longer or at least until the first signs of spring!

Winter Porch Decor from Walmart

The black and white pillows and bows were inexpensive and I decided to just add them to the current red cushions and pillows already on the bench.

Black and White Pillows
Winter decor from Walmart

Welcome Signs are great and I swapped out our wooden one with this black and white metal sign. I was actually going to go with a “Let it Snow” theme but I’m not ready for a snow storm yet, even though we did get a little snow yesterday!

Welcome Sign
Wrought Iron Furniture

Farm Fresh Pillow for the family Wrought Iron Bench.

Christmas Flowers on the Porch

Flora in the corner and a live plant from a nice neighbor is indoors.

Wrough Iron Bench

The Wrought Iron Bench is inviting for anyone who wants to take a load off or a place to leave Santa’s Gifts or Amazon’s daily deliveries, I am not the only one ???!!

Wrought Iron Bench

Speaking of gifts, I love these boxes which were nestled inside one another however, I stacked them on top of one another and placed a weight inside to keep them from blowing away.

The wreath was purchased last year from Walmart and was actually the catalyst and the motivation for the black and white theme and the sparkly “B” was added this year.

Black and White Bow

So what do you think?

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