10 Traffic Hacks Part I: Ways To Get More Traffic and Eyes On Your Blog

In Episode #42 of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast I wanted to address one of the most frequently asked questions which is “how do I get more traffic and eyes on my blog.

So in this show I shared 10 Traffic Hacks that will help with that pain point felt by many both newbie and veterans bloggers.

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Okay, when you are starting a new blog or even if you have been blogging for a while – the biggest question is often “how do I get people to my blog” or “how do I drive more traffic to it?

When you are first starting out, your audiences is going to be small but as you grow so will your audience and readers.  So let’s talk about a few ways in which to grow traffic to your blog.

  • 1. Tell your friends, colleagues and customers – this is the first step, connect with those who know you the best.  Don’t keep it a secret, don’t be afraid to tell others.  I remember when I first started that most people didn’t know what a blog was – when I ordered my vanity plate “Blogger” and went to pick it up the woman at the DMV didn’t even know what a blogger was.  Ask those closest to you to read and share it as well – you will be surprised or not that they will let others know about your blog especially if the content is good.
  • 2. Make your content shareable on social media platforms – use those FREE platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc to share the url of your posts not only on the day it’s published but throughout the week, month and year.  Put share buttons on your website as well and share articles/posts on LinkedIn, Medium and other publishing platforms.
  • 3. Leave the Link everywhere to help with the discovery of your blog – leave the link to your blog in your email closing, business card, website, flyers, brochures, author bio and other blog posts as well – link back previous posts.  Shout it from the rooftops!
  • 4. Comment and leave your 2 cents on other’s blogs – When reading other blog posts make sure that you are leaving a comment and those comments are of value to the writer.  Give your 2 cents worth which is the incentive for them to do the same on your blog posts.
  • 5. Sharing is Caring – when  you share other blogger’s content, they will be more likely to share yours as well which is why having social share buttons on your blog is vital.  By sharing content of your competitors, fellow bloggers and business partners this will show your audience that you are looking out for them not just yourself and your ego!
  • 6. Create Evergreen Content – Evergreen content is content that will stay relevant for a long time – it’s not seasonal.  Content that is news and time sensitive is really only one and done which is fine, but by creating more Evergreen content you can repurpose it and it can be reposted on your social media feeds throughout the month and years.  But don’t forget to re-purpose seasonal content as well – especially holiday themed posts.
  • 7. Concentrate and be Consistent on the social media platforms that your readers are most active or the ones that you can maintain consistently – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – concentrate and be consistent on them.  Oh, make sure to have a business page for your blog so that you can promote it there consistently without alienating your family and friends on your personal page.
  • 8. Optimize your blog layout – this will help to keep visitors on your site longer – not only on the site itself but in the content – bullets, bold type, images, paragraphs and use the Yoast plugin to help with your keywords and titles.
  • 9. Use Plugins for SEO – again the Yoast plugin will help you with the search engines and we know how important that is when it comes to using the correct keywords in order to be found online – especially in today’s crowded online environment.
  • 10. Track Your Results with Google Analytics – install Google Analytics so that you can determine where your traffic is coming from so that you can spend more time there.  This is an excellent tool to also determine which types of content is getting the most love so make sure you check regularly at least monthly and you can even add the Google Analytics app onto your phone to read at your leisure.

Next week I will be sharing 10 more tips or traffic hacks to get more eyes on your posts so make sure to not only subscribe to the Blog Your Way to a Business Profile podcast but share it with your family friends and followers!

Let’s Chat > What tips can you share or have you used to Get More Traffic and Eyes On Your Blog?

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