Home Office Mini Make Over

Home Office Mini Make Over

Hello my friends, I know most of you are ready for warmer weather, longer days and perhaps a change of scenery soon!

Island Resort

I understand completely, and although we recently moved into our “Forever Home” and I have a newly built dedicated home office, I wanted a change of scenery so I decided to do a home office mini make over!

The home we had built is a smaller footprint but I definitely didn’t want to do any more painting or wallpapering like we did in our other home…those days are gone forever!

However, one evening while browsing through Amazon, I came across Art Home Wall Decor and after reading several of the reviews I decided to try them so I ordered the White Faux Brick 3D Wall Panels Peel and Stick Wallpaper

With the help of my son, which by the way was a great way to bond and talk, he and I were able to install the panels on my back wall in less than 2 hours.

ArtHome Wall Panels

I ordered two packs of 10 panels and added a little pop of color by using Blue Craft paint to create a border along the top of the panels behind my desk and along the middle of panels on the side of my desk.

ArtHome Faux Brick Panels
Craft Paint

Because my office is in the basement, I noticed a significant change in temps making it a bit warmer and I think the accoustics are better for podcasting too.

ArtHome Wall Panels
Podcasting Mic

Check out this YouTube Video if you want to see the Faux White Brick Wall panels up close and personal.

Home Office Decor
Painted Wall Panels

So what do you think?

Are you ready for a home office mini make over too?

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