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Beating Boomer Bias with a Podcast

What are some ways podcasting can help individuals over the age of 50 share their life experiences with the world?



Beating Boomer Bias with Podcasting

 A Summary of the Delaware Blogger Podcast Episode 361


In episode 361 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast we delved into the topic of “Beating Boomer Bias with a Podcast.” Through this episode, I provided invaluable insights and tips for individuals over the age of 50 who are interested in sharing their life experiences with the world through the powerful medium of podcasting.


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Acknowledging the potential overwhelm that older individuals may experience in the tech-savvy world of social media, you can be reassured that podcasting could be approached in simple steps, starting with becoming familiar with the smartphone, exploring free hosting platforms like Spotify -aka- Anchor, and planning out engaging podcast episodes around topics of personal passion and life experiences.

The episode highlighted how individuals can leverage their experiences in various areas such as parenting advice, travel stories, home hacks, and navigating life’s transitions to resonate with both fellow boomers and younger generations.  There is great value in storytelling as a means to connect generations.

There is immense value of your stories and experiences, and popular podcasts are not limited to the younger generation. I encourage individuals to break the boomer bias and venture into the world of podcasting, as your stories are indeed invaluable and sought after.

So if you have any of these questions, I invite you to click this link to listen to the entire episode.


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Are you over the age of 50 and considering sharing your life experiences through podcasting? What are the topics you are most passionate about?

What do you think makes a podcast title and cover art compelling and likely to captivate listeners in any age group?

How have you seen storytelling strengthen intergenerational connections, and how do you think it can be effectively implemented in a podcast setting?


As we move forward in 2024 and beyond, this episode serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to making a meaningful impact through the medium of podcasting.

I am hoping that this podcast episode served as a testament to the power of leveraging personal experiences and embracing the world of podcasting, irrespective of age. That is provides guidance and is valuable not just for aspiring podcasters but for anyone seeking to share their stories and connect with others in a meaningful way.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode:


Are these tips practical and inspiring to you?
What topic would you consider for your own podcast, and why?


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