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Do You Stand While Recording a Podcast?

I ordered and received my new Podcasting toy yesterday!!!

USB Condenser Microphone, EPTISON 192kHZ/24bit Professional PC Streaming Podcast Cardioid Microphone Kit with Boom Arm, Shock Mount, Pop Filter

It is actually the replacement of a previous Mic that I recently donated to H.O.M.E. which is going to be the location of the new “Blake’s Booth” Podcasting Studio coming to Middletown in April.

I really wasn’t using that mic, because I love and use my Yeti mic which I keep inside a portable booth, and sit while recording. However, lately, I have been wanting to stand while recording which I spoke about on Saturday’s episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.

Do You Stand While Recording a Podcast?

During this pandemic I have found myself sitting more and as we age, sitting has become the new smoking and it’s definitely not healthy especially knowing the affects as being a previous smoker!

Yeti Mic in a portable booth box

There are many pros for standing while recording a podcast and a few of them include:

Deep Breaths – standing enables you to take deeper breaths and it makes it easier to pronounce words with more clarity and consistency. When you are sitting it compresses your diaphragm so when you stand up you remove this pressure and allows for deeper breaths.

  • With increase breath capacity you can record longer phrases.
  • Lowering the breath rate helps you avoid running out of air.
  • With improved airflow, you will be able to speak more clearly.

Easier Expressions – while standing you don’t have to worry too much about objects that are surrounding you. Standing allows you to be more expressive with hand gestures, whole-body movement, and the moving of your head. These freedoms of motion will impact your delivery and can boost your vocal quality and overall quality of the episode.

  • With released muscle tension you will feel overall more relaxed.

So I can’t wait to practice recording standing up, and hope that it makes my voice sound better and when I create a new episode, I will ask for your honest feedback.

Do you stand up while recording your podcast?

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3 thoughts on “Do You Stand While Recording a Podcast?

  1. Yes, thanks for sharing. I have found sitting a much better option because sitting too long is giving me a “blogger’s butt”!

    I hope you will come back to podcadting, perhaps creating shorter shows.

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