Friday’s Fashion : Kicking it in Fall Booties From Target


With all the food that I and probably many of you consumed last week, I decided to forgo a Friday Foodie Feature and instead opted for a Friday Fashion OOTD.  I do, however, hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and were able to spend some quality time with your family and friends – unplug and unwind if for only 24 hours.

Malik drove home from Bowie on Wednesday afternoon and we had a great time, watching movies, shopping and of course he once again tried to break my bank but it wasn’t so bad this time.  This year he is a commuter staying at his great aunt’s house because he forgot to request housing last year so no dorm supplies are needed.  Tayair had to work each day except on Thanksgiving, so we were able to spend a wonderful day together which has become quite rare.


Blake Family 2017

We don’t shop on Black Friday so we spent the day inside relaxing and watching movies and of course, eating leftovers late into the night – I am afraid to get on the scale!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you may remember seeing these black Booties which I purchased from Target on clearance for $11.38.  I asked hubby to drive me down to the Marina in Middletown for a photo shoot and because the weather was nice, he obliged, otherwise, I would have been by that water by myself – hubby doesn’t like cold weather!


Marina in Middletown


We hadn’t been down to the Marina for several months and now there is a new restaurant which we need to check out, hopefully, it’s better than the previous establishment.  The last time we were there I did a photo shoot for MetroStyle – remember this post?


Kohl's Booties


It was very quiet on the water, however, there were a few brave souls dining outdoors at Grain H20 – I guess they just needed to get out of the house because, despite the fact it was nice enough to be out without a coat, it wasn’t nice enough to eat outdoors!



I fell in love with these black, suede booties because they are a perfect accessory to wear with either a dress or jeans or this oversized animal print tunic which has been a closet staple for over five-plus years.


Fashion after Fifty


Hubby is normally gracious when I ask him to accompany me for a photo shoot, but oftentimes, he looks at me like I am crazy and today wasn’t an exception, therefore, I had to take a few selfies for good measure!


Selfie Shot at the Marina


I even stopped to do a Livestream video, which as you will notice hubby wasn’t enthusiastic at all!  Do you have trouble getting your hubby or significant other to take your pictures?


Fashion after Fifty



7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fashion : Kicking it in Fall Booties From Target

  1. Those booties are so cute! Target has cute clothes and accessories, you got a steal on those boots. And I know what you mean about hubbies not wanting to take pictures. Mr. M is like that sometimes too, or just too busy. Now, Lauren has become the picture taker since she doesn’t like to be in photos anymore.


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