Fight For Your Life! Breaking the Curse of Mental Illness and Depression

Fight For Your Life!

Breaking the Curse of Mental Illness and Depression




This evening’s Podcast interview was with author and friend, Lorena Wooten who really opened up about her early life growing up, dealing with mental illness, depression, including Postpartum Depression.

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Although the Podcast topic was entitled Social Media and Depression, we all know that depression didn’t start with social media and mental illness has been around since Biblical days.  Even though the Bible doesn’t use the word “depression” it’s often referenced by other similar words, such as “downcast,” “brokenhearted,” “troubled,” “miserable,” “despairing,” and “mourning,” among others.


Throughout the Bible, there are a number of stories about godly, influential men and women of faith, who struggled and battled through dark times of hopelessness and depression.   Fast forward to today, where many of us may find ourselves struggling and battling severe depression and are self-medicating.  

With a non-stop 24/7 365 news cycle on TV, mass shootings, radio, and social media it can become overwhelming, but we don’t have to stay stuck there. There’s hope and things we can do non-medicinally to help one of which is writing/journaling or blogging.




Members across all generations have at one time in their lives felt the pressure to fit in with the crowd. Teenagers have felt a need to fit in with their peer groups long before social media was even a thought bubble, but technology magnifies the problem in a powerful way.

However, in the African American community more specifically the talk of mental illness and suicide seems to be taboo, but this evening Lorena and I talked about why it vital to open up, talk and even get help with depression and mental illness.





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