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My fellow bloggers know what I am talking about when I use the term influencers or influential marketing, however, it’s not just bloggers that are influencers, we are all influencers, and it’s not just mothers, fathers and teachers, it is your neighbors, co-workers, church and organization members, even our kids.  Therefore, as an influencer we need to be cognizant of how we represent ourselves as there is always somebody watching.

“Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone.”


Whether or not you know it, you are influencing people everyday not only with your words but also with your actions.  When you walk into a room, before even opening your mouth, what are you saying with your eyes, what is your body language and then how are you conversing?




When you are out in public shopping how are you treating the sales clerks or business owners?  Do you read their name badges and greet them by their name? Now If you know me, then you know that I am a very positive person who tries to leave an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.


For example, last week, I was at the King Of Prussia mall with a co-worker and we stopped for lunch at Subway.  There were two women working the shop, one was assigned to making sandwiches and the other was working the register, so when sandwich maker asked me what I wanted and how I wanted it prepared, I immediately lit up, smiled and said, “make it the way you would want it if you were serving it from your own kitchen” and she too smiled, I continued with, “because you know, if you were to come to my house, I would hook you up!”  


Needless to say, she hooked up that sandwich, but more importantly, the cashier said, “I wish we had more customers like you – you are upbeat and positive and for that we are grateful.”  So in my own way, I not only influenced the sub maker to hook up my sandwich, but I also influenced the cashier to take on a positive attitude which she may pass along to the next customer.  So think about it, how are your words or body language influencing others on a daily basis in every situation?




Who remembers growing up and having your mom or dad saying, “Birds of a feather flocks together” or growing up idolizing an athletic and trying to be like them – remember “Be Like Mike”  Well you don’t have to be a parent an athletic or even a person in position to be an influencer.


According to an article on Linkedin, Sociologists stated that even the most introverted individual will influence ten thousand other people during his or her lifetime!. That means that all of us are leading in some areas, while in other areas we are being led. No one is excluded from being a leader or a follower. Realizing your potential as a leader is your responsibility. In any given group, there is a prominent influencer.

The prominent leader of any group is quite easily discovered.

In your next social gathering, just observe the people as they gather and if there is an issue is to be decided, who is the person whose opinion seems most valuable?

  • Who is the one others watch the most when the issue is being discussed?
  • Who is the one with whom people quickly agree?
  • Most importantly, who is the one the others follow?   

Is it you or is it someone else and what are some of their traits?


“Leadership is influence. Everyone influences someone. How are you leading?”

W. Russell


On this Podcast, Fred Fitszgiles, a Media Professional-Speaker, Coach, Leadership Trainer of The Leadership Movement Mastermind Group and I spoke about how we influence people every day and how people influences us as well – especially Joe Biden and people at Wawa.

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  1. Great Post! I am always the talker in the group spreading cheer or telling jokes. My peeps expect me to get that airline attendant, secretary at the doctor’s office, bouncer at the club to spark a conversation. So, I never disappoint. . .

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