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HBCU Homecomings are EPIC

Homecoming is a fall tradition of welcoming back former students and educators celebrating their college’s existence.   Attending your adult child’s homecoming weekend is usually a big deal, especially if your student is a freshman at your alma mater.  

However, you must remember that your adult children have been gone for 3 months, and it may be the first time you are reconnecting, but it’s on their home turf.  He or she is no longer your baby and there are practical rules to follow.  You can’t just roll onto the yard and treat them like they were still your children at home no matter how much you have contributed financially to their education.


Delaware State hornets


Homecoming at HBCUs are absolutely epic and even more special. Although it certainly isn’t the most important part of your university experience, having a homecoming that everyone flocks to is amazing.   HBCUs compete to outdo each other with celebrity appearances, epic fashion shows, amazing concerts, step shows, and so much more.


podcast interview of DSU Forever Friends Team members

DISCLOSURE: This since lost podcast was an interview of the members of the Delaware State University Forever Friends DSU Alumni association and the topic is HBCU Homecoming Happenings @ Delaware State University which kicks off on October 13, 2017.

3 thoughts on “HBCU Homecomings are EPIC

  1. It’s always a beautifully nostalgic feeling to attend a college homecoming for either your children or self when reconnecting with Alumni. I myself have never been to a college homecoming, but quite confident it’s a nice feeling getting together with friends and loved ones.

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