wild children of the 60s

I Was a Wild Child in the 60s



Back in the 60’s we were all wild childs…

We rode bikes without a helmet

We rode in cars with no seat belts nor airbags

We sat in the front seat of cars with no restraints or piled up in the back of a station wagon



We lived in apartments with lead paint

We rode our bikes across town, (just had to be in before dark)

We drank from garden hoses

We drank from dirty water fountains

We chewed gum all day then wrapped it in paper for the next day

We ate candy from the necks of other people



We didn’t wash our hands after playing in dirt – spit was our antibacterial hand sanitizer

We hit kids in the head with Dodge Balls

We climbed ropes without protection



We ate what was put in front of us and didn’t complain otherwise we got smacked in the mouth

We played in rusted out cars, taxis, and vacant railroad trains



We inhaled 2nd hand smoke from our parents and drank from their glasses

We shared everything – clothes, shoes, and bathtub water

We had the front door key to let ourselves in with no fear of being snatched


second hand smoke in the 50s


Man, we were some wild childs back in the 60’s – how did we manage to stay alive?


Let’s Chat: What was the wildest thing you did in childhood?

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6 thoughts on “I Was a Wild Child in the 60s

  1. I have fond memories of making mud pies in the backyard, cutting up leaves for greens and using weeds for corn. Then I would feed it to my dolls. Gross, right! LOL 🙂

  2. The prohibition era…the era of smooth introduction into the Woodstock George Clinton, followed by Studio 54 New York era. Back in those days, the mind roamed carefree. Hip hop music was emerging after the roaring 60’s out of the South Bronx and making it’s way to Brooklyn and across New York before roaring across the coast to California. Russell Simmons of Def Jam was still a college student at City College of New York. The 60’s was also the era when the GQ pretty boys drove drop-top Cadillac convertibles backwards on residential streets as a ploy to attract young women. And the 60’s was also that era when many other things happened in which were ok to do at the time. I guess it’s safe to say many were wild childs back in their hey day.

    1. Yes, I think every generation feels as though their generation was the best – so I am being biased when I say that the 60s and 70s were the best decades of my life!

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