Main Event Entertainment Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Tuesday afternoon, I had an opportunity to not only attend my first Ribbon Cutting as a new New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, but I also had an opportunity to be one of the first to be dazzled by the Grand Opening of the Main Event Entertainment center.





Main Event Entertainment was far more than I expected when I first heard about the opening in Newark, Delaware.  As a mother of two sons who are both over the age of 20, initially I wasn’t over-the-top excited, however, after checking it out, I can’t wait for them to go as well as hubby and I to come back.  The last time there was such an awesome venue it was located at the Riverfront and that was many years ago.



Main Event Entertainment has bowling, billiards, laser tag, over 100 of the latest video games, full service bars, fantastic food, FREE WIFI, and a whole lot more! 




EAT. BOWL. PLAY. and schedule a party for Birthdays, Corporate Events, Team Building, Quinceañeras, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Lock Ins, Youth Groups, After Prom and Graduations all at Main Event Entertainment.




Main Event Entertainment also gives back to the community as evidenced by this $2500 donation to the Brennen School DE Autism Program.




Main Event Entertainment is located at 2900 Fashion Center Boulevard next to the Christiana Mall and is promoted as “your Newark headquarters for entertainment and group fun, where families and friends go to make the best memories. Stop by and kick things off with state-of-the-art bowling. Leave no pin standing and root for the other bowlers from a stylish, cushy lounge area where you can eat, relax, and let your competitive side shine! Then keep the good times grooving with over 100 popular arcade games, fog-filled laser tag, plus billiards and shuffleboard and at this location zip lining”




For more information about the activities available at Main Event Entertainment call (302) 772-9466.

“Why wait any longer?

Get your friends and family together and get ready for some “put the phone down fun!”

Let’s Chat > What is your favorite venue for family fun entertainment?












8 thoughts on “Main Event Entertainment Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

  1. Sounds like a great Ribbon Cutting to attend! The big cities near us could really use a place like Main Event Entertainment, some that is for the whole family and the meal doesn’t look at all like something you would get from a family entertainment place, it actually looks tasty!

    I love that they did that donation too!

    Have a lovely and Blessed Weekend

    1. Yes, Erika, I remember something similar when our sons were young, but this was 10 times better. I hope you too had a blessed weekend and wasn’t late to church like I was!

  2. I love how excited you are in your video Sis! We have a Main Event near us too, and we go all the time. Especially, for birthday parties. My girls play the games, save up their tickets so they can cash in on big prize items.

    Great coverage of the event! I can see you and the men enjoying a day out there!

    1. Thank you, that place was amazing and I so wish they had it when the boys were younger, now it’s a cool place to hang out and eat. I am not a “mall rat” so I would love to hang there if others wanted to shop.

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