Millennials and Medications

According to statistics, the Millennial generation is reaching a tipping point of 84.6 million which makes them the largest living generation. With $1.4 trillion in spending power, they’re just entering their prime consumption years and because of this power, they are on every major brands’ radar.
However, because they are not consuming information in the same way as boomers and seniors with nonstop commercials on television they aren’t being bombarded with advertisements for medications, drugs, and treatments for every ailment.

Millennials get their health information from a variety of websites and sources which include general health sites, social media, magazine websites, fitness sites, and holistic wellness websites.
Marketers from health and wellness to vitamin supplements have an opportunity to appeal to the Millennial consumer by crafting marketing messages that appeal to their core values of good health, family, and physical fitness.
Guests are Athena Wright and Dr. Matthew Weik of Diamond Sport and Spine Clinic in Wilmington, DE and we talked about why the Millennial generation’s approach to health and wellness is much better than that of the Boomers or Seniors.
Click the link to hear to entire Podcast.
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