A Spring Clean Should Begin Within

A Spring Clean Should Begin Within
Hello friends, instead of my normal Friday Foodie Feature, I am putting a little twist on it.
How did you kick off your Spring clean…did you de-clutter and rid your home of unwanted or unnecessary items from your closets and dresser drawers? As you can see, I am still working on it, trying to gather all the clothes and shoes that I hadn’t worn all winter.
I keep a box in the upstairs hallway and once it gets full everything gets bagged up and driven to Goodwill – soon it will be time for a trip!

So if you’ve gotten the house cleaned and de-cluttered, it’s time to do the same for your body. Remember a Spring clean should begin within.


If you listen to my Podcast on Sundays at 6 then you know that during the time that I am on live, there is always a pot of greens cooking on the stove, whether they are Collards or Kale.

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I was raised by a grandmother who always had to have a vegetable as part of her meal because she felt it wasn’t complete without one. Eating healthy was the only way to keep her body strong and she would have known because she lived to the age of 98 and the only ailment she had was arthritis.


Most of you have read about the various Colon Cleanse products on the market which are supposed to help your body rid itself of poisons and toxins that enter our bodies daily.


I am, however, not one who advocates replacing meals with a gallon of Lemonade made with Cayenne Pepper or popping pills that put me in the bathroom all day.


I only use natural healthy ways to cleanse, such as drinking boiled Parsley or Cilantro or a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in water. One of my grandmother’s favorite digestive aids was to drink a glass of “pot liquor” which is essentially the juice that remains in the pot after you’ve eaten all the collard greens.


Green Smoothies are another way to get a natural healthy cleanse and there are a millions of recipes on the internet, but blending any fresh fruit and veggie together with water or an Almond or Rice milk will work.

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A few years ago, I listened to an interview with TheHerbSistah and her recommendations were to use natural ingredients to help men and women cleanse and detoxify.


I believe that incorporating Superfoods into your diet is truly the best way to keep yourself regular, so remember to add a few of these goodies to your grocery basket the next time you shop.


*Salmon                       *Kale

*Tuna                           *Eggplant

*Avocado                     *Tomatoes

*Walnuts                      *Carrots

*Almonds                     *Sweet Potatoes

*Olive Oil                     *Apples

*Flax Seeds                  *Oranges

*Blueberries                *Butternut Squash

*Raspberries               *Spinach


Cooking healthy SMLXL

Superfoods not only help you cleanse and rid your body of harmful substances, but they also fight off any harmful agents that may be trying to attack your system. You can keep those nasty bugs and virus’ at bay with a natural cleanse if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Now that your insides are cleared and cleansed you will be more energized and ready to tackle those cabinets and closets!


What are you favorite veggies?



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