Mother’s Day and MotoZ Photo Shoot

Disclosure:  This honest review for Verizon Wireless was facilitated by the loan of a Motorola MotoZ Droid and Hasselblad True Zoom Lens – all opinions are 100% my own as the Delaware Blogger #spon #VerizonWireless
Okay ladies answer me this question, and guys don’t go anywhere because I need an answer from you about the lady in your life.
Ladies, do you like trying on clothes in the department store dressing room or do you prefer to make the purchase then take the clothes home to try on in the comfort of your own bath or bedroom?
I must admit that I dislike taking the time to try on clothes in the store, but hate it more when I have to return something due to the fact that it doesn’t fit.

For example, this dress looked so cute hanging on the rack and I thought it would be perfect to wear to New York for the1st Annual Brand Ambassador Award Launch sponsored by AAU Global Production Media Group.

Unfortunately, the neck line it not cut to be as flattering as I would like so this dress will be returned to the store.  Hubby is really loving his retirement and has been sleeping in late, so he hasn’t been taking myOutfit of the Day pictures.
Today I purposely rushed home early so that he could take these photos before the sun went down.

If you remember, I had previously reviewed theMotorola MotoZ  Droid with the Projection Screen, but this Motomods attachment is a camera lens that attaches to the back of the phone.
I really liked it because it allow you to zoom in up to 10x and it has an amazingly fast shutter speed. There are options for aProfessional Mode, VideoandPaVideo aand alsoa regular point and shootPhotosetting.  It also includes a carrying case for storing the lens when not in use.

It took a few minutes for hubby to get used to the adjustments, but after a few tries it was easy and he was able to capture these images of me on the back deck, and of course I took an “usie”.

It’s amazing how far Smartphones have evolved, as a matter of fact with the MotoZ Droid and Hasselblad 4116 True Zoom I won’t need to break out my DSLR Camera when I want to do a few quick outfit of the day photo shots, what do you think?
In all honesty, I like theMotorola MotoZ Droid better than theSamsung GalaxySmartphone because the photo quality is much better.  When it’s time for an upgrade I will definitely be making the switch.

I haven’t been shopping in months, actually, I went the entire winter and only thrifted a few pieces so I felt the need to splurge at least on a dress forMother’s Day.  Of the four that I purchased, I will only be keeping these two.

I love the wide belt on this dress, but I see that I need to work on my wide waist – wide neck….wow – it was a long winter and I need to get back into an exercise routine!

Hasselblad 4116 True ZoomThehas a 10x Optical Zoom so you can capture details brilliantly – check out this Tulip!

The Hasselblad Lens has a built inXenon Flashand it comes with a Carrying Case and Quick Start Guide. The MotoZ Droid turns on and off quickly with it’s jazzy Lenovo startup screen and the photo quality is amazing.
Oh and the coolest thing about the powering on of the lens is: you can twist your wrist twice and the camera app starts up and it also activates the True Zoom Moto Mod lens shake it again and it turns into selfie mode!
“Shake Shake Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture”

After hubby finished taking pictures I decided to try out the video feature which you can check out below:
So which one of the dresses should I wear for Mother’s Day Brunch?

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and MotoZ Photo Shoot

  1. I love the dress with the narrow belt on you best, but you have the shape to wear them all. I like to try on my clothes before I buy them and give the fabrics the feel test. Instant gratification always work me me.

    1. Hey sis, I used to like spending hours shopping but not so much anymore. It is better to try clothes on in the store because when I have to return them, I usually find more that what I need!

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