Music, Marriage & the Ministry – Chat with Tobi and Nike Adegoke Founders of Tobikeyz Productions


Sunday’s Podcast was truly a blessing as I had a wonderful chat with the power couple, Tobi and Nike Adegoke, founders of Tobikeyz Productions.



Tobikeyz Productions LLC is a christian indie record label and music production company based out of Delaware, USA.

It also birthed a group called “E.M.P” (Edify Magnify Praise), a team of anointed worshippers and recording gospel artists set apart to impact worship leaders, music directors and choirs around the world.

 Tobikeyz Productions has a vision to be a major voice in the Christian music industry around the world, thereby bringing total praise and true worship from the people to the God.


The organization is managed by this power couple – Tobi (Popularly know as Tobikeyz) and Nike Adegoke.

During the Podcast we talked about the 9 years that it took for this power couple to connect in Nigeria and eventually marry, now in their 7th year.  It was beautiful how Tobi said that he knew that Nike was going to be his wife after their first date, God telling him that she was, “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”


I had an opportunity to play “I Will Declare Your Name” by their recording artist Christina Lockett and this brought a new joy to the show that you must listen to.



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