Power of Podcasting Training Webinar

Smart money is moving more towards Podcasting and so should you!

With the advances in technology it is becoming easier to access a Podcast via artificial intelligent devices and with WiFi being standard in smart homes, smart phones and soon in autonomous/smart cars everyone will be listening to their favorite podcast anytime anywhere!

Podcasts provides highly targeted leads that are growing by leaps and bounds. By the year 2020 there will be over a billion podcast listeners with thousands of shows launching each and every day.

Are you ready to launch your own?

Power of Podcasting Training Webinar

I will be conducting a 2-hour Power of Podcasting Training Webinar via Zoom on August 6th at 6 PM EST.

For an investment of $150, you will not only learn the many reasons why you should start a Podcast, but also the step by step instructions on how to launch a Podcast on Anchor FM, with a checklist of tips and tricks on making your podcast a success and 30-days of unlimited email support.

Webinar Implementation

  • Why Start a Podcast
  • Getting Started
  • Recording Your First Episode
  • Talking to Others and Getting Guests
  • Distributing Your Podcast
  • Sharing Your Podcast
  • Growing Your Audience
  • How to Keep People Listening

Please send an email to [email protected] if you wish to learn more and to sign up.

With a Podcast you are creating content that people can carry with them, they can multitask and do other things in addition to getting information directly from you.

Unlike a blog post which is considered PUSH marketing a Podcast is PULL marketing with a more intimate relationship; the content is easy to consume and you know we love easy!

Send an email or complete the form below to join the millions of others who reaching their target market audience with a much higher ROI via a Podcast.

3 thoughts on “Power of Podcasting Training Webinar

  1. I listen to some podcasts occasionally. But I can see where this trend is gaining traction since I like listening to audiobooks too these days. Audio-delivered content for me is largely hands-free consumption and perfect for when I’m doing dishes or bopping around the house.

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