Shop Goodwill for Holiday Goodies

#ShopGoodwill for Holiday Goodies


The holiday season is in full swing which means there are lots of parties, school plays, festive decorations and family gatherings. It can be overwhelming both to your schedule and to your budget and if you are anything like me, purchasing a new dress or complete outfit for a single event is out of the question. 


Red Cocktail Dress


Making a purchase from Goodwill not only helps your budget but it also helps to fund job creation in your community and donating to a local Goodwill provides a wonderful opportunity to give back and declutter your closets.   

I stopped in at a local Goodwill in search of an outfit for a house party that hubby and I will be attending next week.  I found a few pieces, and I liked the Ralph Lauren Cocktail Dress the best, which one do you like?


Black Velour Maxi Skirt, Silver Shoes and Top


Shop Goodwill
Little Black Dress & Silver Shoes


fashion for less at Goodwill
Ralph Lauren Cocktail Dress


Velour Skirt and Red Sequin Top



Did you know?

  • Goodwill provides job preparation, skills training, education assistance and support services to millions of people each year who are facing challenges to finding employment.
  • Every 23 seconds, someone gets a job through the help of Goodwill.
  • Goodwill is an entrepreneurial leader, environmental pioneer and social innovator of the “reduce, reuse, repurpose” practice. Through its entrepreneurial business model of collecting and selling donated goods, Goodwill helps communities extend the life of usable items in environmentally sound ways.
  • Goodwill functions as a social enterprise by creating 25 jobs per brick-and-mortar store, generating essential revenue for mission services, and providing a direct solution for donors and communities to the issue of sustainability regarding unwanted goods.
  • Collectively, over 313,000 people in the United States and Canada connected with jobs or earned employment using Goodwill organizations’ career services programs this past year And more than that – tens of millions access the Goodwill education, training, and online learning services that Goodwill offers to strengthen their job training skills.
  • As a non-profit, they are dedicated to helping create jobs and providing on-the-job training for many who would find employment opportunities scarce without Goodwill’s help.
  • You can find your nearest Goodwill at
  • Did you know that 87 cents on the dollar of every purchase from a Goodwill go towards local job training opportunities?
  • Goodwill Industries International is very active on social media! Feel free to tag the following channels and use the hashtag #ShopGoodwill when shopping.
  • Find your local Goodwill here

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