Wearing Walmart to Work – Casual Attire in the Workplace


Hey, welcome to the weekend!  I decided to pop back in before the end of the month with another “Wearing Walmart to Work” outfit and to ask you a question about dressing casually in the office.


Remember this post when I told you that I had purchased these tops in red, white and black for $4.99 each, well they are now on clearance, so head over to your nearest Walmart and pick up a few.  


Dressing for Less


You can wear them well into the fall season simply by putting on a cardigan sweater or blazer and when a menopause flash hits, you can take it off and be cool as a cucumber!




Okay, now on to the question.  First of all, you guys know that I very rarely wear pants to work but when I do it’s only on a Casual Friday, which was the case for this outfit. However, I now work in an office where there are several millennials who only wear jeans, sneakers, and flip-flops which made me think.  

Do you think that it’s appropriate and are you more productive when wearing casual clothing as opposed to when you are wearing business attire?


I am old skool IBM, brought into the business wearing dresses, suits and wing tip shoes as well as other very uncomfortable attire such as panty hose (yuck).



casual or business attire


However, today, if you really think about it, what once had been considered business attire is no longer the case.  As a matter of fact, below is the link to an article about dressing more casually in the office and it how it may or may not affect an employee’s productivity.

Workers are dressing more casually. Does that affect productivity?


dressing casual for work


Let’s Chat:  Do you think dressing more casually in the office makes you more productive?



clothing and accessories from Walmart


Oh, by the way, this reversible tote bag was purchased last season also from Walmart and it’s a great size for carrying my casual Friday items, including my Selfie Stick!  


This infinity scarf of which I also bought three of were on clearance for $2.00, and I am pretty sure that the prices will drop once the fall items hit the racks.



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3 Replies to “Wearing Walmart to Work – Casual Attire in the Workplace”

  1. Definitely not a fan.

    When it began at my old job back in the 90s, ‘Casual Friday’ or casual-day-before-a-holiday only happened 2-3 times a year and to participate, you had to PAY $5 – which went towards a catered lunch. Coworkers wore jeans, t-shirts, and sneaker… end of story.

    Now… I cannot believe some of the people I see are even allowed in the building. Torn/wrinkled clothing, pajama/lounge pants, flip flops… in places of business!

    I cannot see how casual dress enhances productivity, but from what I have seen and witnessed, it sends professionalism, job pride, and customer courtesy right down the toilet!

    1. Felicia, it is definitely a different environment in most offices, however, I still wear a dress or skirt everyday except for a few casual Fridays as evidenced by this post.

      I don’t think it increases my productivity, as a matter of fact it makes me want to do less work but ssssh…don’t tell anybody!


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