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Last month I had an opportunity to present “Blogging and Podcasting Pointers to Build Your Brand and Your Business” at the Business Connection Conference which was held in Upper Marlboro, MD.




I along with several others were invited by Darrell Spears, CEO of Elite Conversation Business Conference and according to the Press Release:

Elite Conversation Business Connection Conference, was a Unique Conference Experience for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, & Authors.

The Business Connection Conference is held quarterly for business owners, entrepreneurs & professionals who are looking to expand and grow their business through making strategic business connections. The launch of the conference will take place Saturday November 10, 2018 at BLE Executive Suites in Upper Marlboro, MD. The conference runs from 10am – 6pm.


The BCC is the only conference of its kind. It allows participants the option to choose from 12 Business Knowledge Workshops to expand and grow their business knowledge. Conference participants can also visit the BCC Media Row, where they get the opportunity to promote their business, and share their story via live stream interviews with as many as 5 online media companies.

Finally, the conference spotlights local authors during the event, which gives them the opportunity to discuss and promote their book as well as their service. Wait! The best part is the every registered conference participant will leave the BCC with a free book of their choice, from one of our featured authors.

The BCC is also unique, in that it allows participants to control their activity throughout the day. The conference is an 8 hour event, and registered conference participants are given an all-day pass for participation. This gives each conference participant the ability to come and go as their schedule allows, and they can tailor their learning based on our workshop schedule, so that their learning experience is more beneficial for their needs.

The BCC is produced and managed by EliteConversations.com, headed by CEO, Darrell C. Spears. EliteConversations.com serves a community of over 400 business owners and professionals throughout the year by providing Knowledge Workshops, Business Coaching Sessions, Mastermind Group Sessions, Video Marketing Services and Conferences.

The mission of EliteConversations.com is to provide business owners and professionals the ability to obtain the Knowledge, Resources and Connections they need to take their business or career to the next level.

There were many great speakers and presenters and one of the keynotes was Dr. Johnny Parker, author of Turn the Page for Business.



The Business Conference began in the Main Room with numerous featured authors from the DMV and the breakout sessions were held in two Conference Rooms each with five different marketing topics of which the attendees had an opportunity to chose from throughout the afternoon.

Prior to my presentation at 2:45, I was able to sit in to hear Cathy Smith  present, “Skyrocket your business visibility on Facebook and Twitter in 60 days or less”; Robert Gatewood presented, “The ABC’s of Marketing” and Eric Brown, Jr., a fellow Delawarean presented “How to use Microsoft 365 to get your business out of NEUTRAL”.



I learned a great deal from each presentation and walked away armed with valuable information that I can use immediately for myself as well as for my clients, so it was definitely a great investment of time.




Cathy was also a part of “Media Row” so she interviewed me later in the day and we had a few laughs, click this link to check it out.



If you want to learn more about Elite Conversations, please follow Darrell Spears on LinkedIn, as that is where we connected and I am sure you will be hearing more about some exciting new conferences coming in 2019.





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  1. What a great opportunity, sounds like a terrific conference. The interview with you and Cathy was fantastic. You 2 have some chemistry and together would be dynamic presenters, IMHO!

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