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The Drawer of Death: Where Do you Keep your Obituaries?


The Drawer of Death was first posted on DeDivahDeals on May 29, 2015, however, with the recent death of another cousin, gone too soon, I have updated the post to include her.


Janet A. Montague, REST IN PEACE


cancer kills another cousin


We all have one…yours may be in the shape of a box, a bag, an envelope or even a basket, but we all have a

Drawer of Death

Death Drawer Avi


Sunrise to Sunset


  Gone too soon

Date of Birth

Date of Death

     Suffered too long




In memory of

Who they leave behind

Pictures and Poems

  Never said “goodbye”


Death Drawer 010

Family and friends

We all have a drawer

The Death drawer

RIP Renee’

   Added to the drawer


Rest in Peace Renee


I’ll always love and miss you!

Added to the death drawer


Death Drawer 011

Do you have a “Drawer of Death”?

6 thoughts on “The Drawer of Death: Where Do you Keep your Obituaries?

  1. Yes, I have a pretty box. I’ve been saving obituaries since I was very young. I look at in at times and as I get older I add to it more often than I would like.

  2. Yes, I do have a file folder. Since I have become the writer/planner for my family departed’s celebration of life, I need to keep them for reference. ( I did not want the job, but it was bestowed on me by my aunts & uncles)

    1. Yes, that is where those big family Bibles came in handy – there was a page to list births, marriages and of course deaths. Leaving a legacy is very important, and your job is one of great significance!

  3. OMG! I have a “ death drawer” I’ve had one since I was about 18-19 but didn’t know it was a thing. I would go to viewing with my parents and take a card and then feel bad if I thought about throwing it out. It’s would be disrespectful. Oh jeeze ?

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