How Do You Dispose of Old Family Bibles?


My grandmother passed away at the age of 98 in 2009.  She was a deeply religious woman who had several Bibles, some she read daily, others she had for 75+ years and were falling apart.


Bible Collection


Believe it or not, even after all these years I am still getting rid of her papers, pictures, letters, and cards many she wrote years before her death.  I have been holding onto her many Bibles, some with print too tiny for my eyes to read; a large Coffee Table Bible and a few Children’s Bibles.  I no longer have a Coffee Table nor do I have little children so what do I do with them.


Coffee Table Bible


I can donate a few to a homeless shelter especially those with all the pages intact, but how about the ones with pages falling out – do I simply throw them it into the recyclable bin?


Family Bible Disposal


Hubby bought me a new Bible for Christmas a few years ago, so between that one and my Smartphone app, I definitely don’t need any of them.  My hubby and sons are Muslims and have their own Holy Koran so I won’t be passing them down to the next generation.


What do think I should do with these old Bibles?




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Caring for Children with Special Needs

All parents who are in search of child care are looking for someone who provides consistent, loving and quality care for their child. But if you have a child with special needs, you may have to ask more, and different, questions in order to find a provider that suits your requirements.


You’ll want to find a child-care provider who has experience working with kids with special needs, who understands the challenges of working with them, and who knows how to adapt activities as needed. Most of all, you’ll want to find a provider willing to work with you to meet the needs of your child.


There are more parents of special needs kids now and according to a National Center for Education Statistics report, the number of special-needs children ages 3 to 5 who are helped under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has nearly doubled in the last two decades.



On this Podcast, my special guest was Michelle Campbell, owner of Back2Basics Day Care which is a center that specializes in caring for kids with special needs.  We discussed the questions parents should ask when searching for a center that will be a good fit for them and the family. 

Click this link to hear the entire interview. 

Resources for Families:

  • Autism Delaware, Heidi Mizell, 302-224-6020 x206 
  • SSI – 
  • State Assistance for PCO/SNAP/Food Stamps and Medicaid 
  • Prompt and Play LLC – Socialization Therapy 302-691-5658
  • Respite Care through Brennon School/School District


Dressing in the Restroom with Make Up on the Go



If you are anything like me, you have a very busy schedule and oftentimes are running from one event to another after work.  Unfortunately for me, there is too much of a distance between my home and place of employment that I don’t have time to return home to change clothes and re-apply makeup so I am usually doing it in the restroom at work.


Recently, I had lunch with a former co-worker and as we were leaving the restaurant a young lady approached us and handed me a small pretty purple bag and proceeded to show me a sample of its contents.


Makeover Essentials





You know me, I thought it was a FREE gift, however, it wasn’t, and after capturing my attention she explained that the cost would be $20 plus tax. Since we don’t have sales tax in Delaware I refused to pay the Pennsylvania tax, however, my co-worker graciously did.  I was a bit leery about making the purchase but I took her picture then asked for her social media platforms to verify that she was legit!


Anywho, $20 bucks was a bit pricey, but I admired her hustle, however, I couldn’t help but think about those “don’t let anyone spray you with perfume in the parking lot” internet warnings.


I loved the small compact size of the cosmetics because it beats carrying a full makeup bag to work and it fits neatly in my purse or I can simply leave it in my desk drawer for when I need a quick touch-up.



Makeover Essentials


Makeover Essentials


eye shadow


  • 5 Matte Eye Shadows
  • 2 Powder Blushes
  • 5 Shimmer Eye Shadows
  • 5 Lip Colors
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Mascara
  • 3 Applicators
  • Mirror
  • Clear plastic top



IntrigueME Eye Shadow Compact


  • 12 Eye Shadow Colors in a removable tray
  • 1 Applicator
  • Black Compact with Mirror – the compact even doubles as a business card holder so that you are ready for those after work Networking Mixers


lip color and pencil

Lip Addiction II


  • 4 Lip Colors
  • Clear Vinyl Carrying Case
  • 1 Retractable Brush Applicator



I tried a few of the shadows and liked how smooth and creamy they applied as well as the liners and mascara which wasn’t clumpy nor messy.





  • Lip Addiction colors are great for my skin complexion
  • Eye Shadows apply smoothly
  • Sized perfectly to fit my purse or tote bag




  • Applicator brushes are too small
  • Blushes are too light for my skin complexion



So my unsolicited and unpaid review is: whether you’re heading out after work for a networking event or are headed out to catch a quick flight into the city and you need a mini “face beat” Makeover Essentials will definitely meet your needs.


Do You Remember When a Dime Bag Lasted All Week?

bag of penny candy


The other day I went to the grocery store and walked past the candy aisle and couldn’t believe my eyes – what happened to the good old days when you could buy a bag of candy on the cheap?  Do you remember when a dime bag lasted all week?


Halloween Candy


My great-grandfather, Lee McDowell, owned a small General Store in Canton, North Carolina and I remember when his grands and great grands from New York would head Down South to visit.  Every time we went into the store he would let us fill up a bag of candy and only pay one thin dime.  I doubt today you could find a piece of candy in any store for a dime, let alone a full bag of candy!


candy for kids


As you prepare for the Halloween season, do you buy candy on the cheap or do you buy the large full-size candy bars to hand out to the Tricker Treaters?  Oh, and do you remember those orange cardboard boxes and kids saying, “Trick or Treat for Unicef?” collecting pennies for the less fortunate – do they still do that in your area?


full size candy bar


I bet you thought this post was about something else, didn’t you! 


Happy Wayback Wednesday



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Can A Landline Save Lives During a Disaster?

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of the hard-wired landline telephone in my home office and asked if anyone still had one.  I got several comments of “yes” but many more “nos” which surprised me considering all of the natural disasters occurring these days, more specifically the hurricanes.  I get it, it’s cheaper just to have one phone and that is a Smartphone, but what happens when the grids go down?


home phone


I am not ashamed to admit that in addition to our family’s four Smartphones, we still have hard-wired phones installed at home and two different telephone numbers.  The “house phone” number is one that we’ve had for over 25 years, however, only solicitors and my aunt from Virginia calls on that line.  I also have a landline telephone with my business number in the library -aka- mommy’s office which was installed years ago when I was employed by IBM and worked from home.


To save money, I have been thinking about deleting the telephone number for the house phone but it’s still attached to our security system with Slomin, besides, if there ever were a Zombie Apocalypse and the telephone poles went down and we lost electricity for hours, how would we be able to connect to the outside world?  


I am joking, of course, however, during Hurricane Harvey, there were a few people with landlines who were able to assist others during this natural disaster and they probably helped save lives and prevent major losses for many.


flooding during hurricane harvey


Although it’s not hard-wired, the landline is making sort of a comeback and with IoT you can now use Google Home and Alexa on Amazon Echo and the Dot to make phone calls.  Unfortunately, these devices won’t have their own telephone number nor will they support 911 calls, however, you will still be able to use it in the home as if it were a landline.  


Adding more features to these devices including Facetime is providing more options to be connected to our family and friends eliminating the need to use our Smartphone or keep a hardwired landline, however, because there won’t be a number associated with it caller id will show as “unknown”.

I can’t wait for the kids to learn how to prank call using Alexa or Google Home, remember when dialing and hanging up was weekend fun…just wait until the younger generation asks Alexa to call Sears and says  “is your refrigerator running?”


Let’s Chat: Do you still have a hardwired landline or are you a mobile phone only family?



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