Okay, so you’ve said it before but this is the year that you finally decided to get your Media Kit together and promise to keep it updated as your stats change.

I know, we have all been there, I created one years ago, however, even now as I write this post, I realized it hasn’t been updated in a long time and needs some major tweaking.  For those who don’t have a Media Kit yet, let’s start with the basics of what it is and concentrate on the key areas which should be included.


What is a Blogger Media Kit

A Media Kit is basically a resume or an outline that best showcases your online persona or digital footprint.   A media kit for bloggers should be a summary of your blog, the main achievements, statistics and all the other active social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc) of where you can be found.

The main goal of your media kit is to introduce your blog to potential marketers and advertisers. It lets them know all about your blog, including the types of articles you write to how many followers you have on each platform.

A Media Kit doesn’t have to be multiple pages of statistics, it can simply be one page, however, if you have a lot you can make it 2 or 3 pages.  If you are a new blogger/ influencer and don’t have that much to include in your media kit, one page is more than enough.

What to include in a Media Kit

-A brief introduction with a photo

-Social Media Statistics

-Services Offered

-Collaboration / Partnerships 

1. A brief introduction

An introduction of you and your blog is very important. Brands want to know who you are and what your blog is about as well as the main topics you write about to determine if you will be a good fit for them.  You can also include any outstanding awards or achievements that you have acquired with your blog.

Write so that brands can relate to you and feel like they would want to connect and work with you.   Include a photo so they can see who it is they will be engaging with.

2. Social Media Statistics

Make sure to include your stats in your media kit as these numbers are very important.  Brands need to know what you’re bringing to the table as well as how many eyes are looking at your content.

Stats which you can pull from Google Analytics should include: 

-Monthly Unique Visits

-Monthly Pageviews

-Demographics: which include the location, age and sex of your audience.

-Social media following: how many people follow you on your various social media platforms, include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. 

If you are a new blogger and don’t have a larger number of followers, you can include your growth numbers from the previous months.

3. Services

Other than writing blog posts, do you offer any other services?  Do you live stream or video events,  run contest and giveaways or accept banner ads?

Make sure to include links to any of the services you have done, ie. YouTube video or Facebook Livestream urls, links to Podcasts, magazine or newspaper articles that you have written.

4. Collaboration / Partnership options (fees included)

This is where you include all the options that brands can work with you on from product reviews to sponsored posts or even long term brand ambassador campaigns.

Many brands will have a set budget, however, it doesn’t hurt to include your prices  as well. It will help them decide if your fees fits into their advertising budget.

Don’t forget to include your contact info so that brands can easily contact you. Download your media kit and send it as PDF or create a page on your blog with a clickable link to it. 

Blogger Media Kit Tip

You do not need to reinvent the wheel nor pay someone to create a media kit for you.  You can always take inspiration from what others have done then head over to Canva and use their template to create a great media kit! 

Good luck and have fun!

Media Kit for Delaware Blogger
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Media Kit for Delaware Blogger

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