Branding Your Blog Tips for Beginners

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Have you started building your new blog yet?  Well if so now is the time to brand your blog. Your blog’s brand is a representation of you whether it’s with an image or message it’s how you relate to your readers.  Your brand is more than your photo or your logo and even your color scheme and fonts it’s how you want to be seen to the world.  

Before you begin to brand your blog think about the content and how you want to present it.  Is your blog professional or fun, is your audience mainly men or women, teens, tweens or boomers.  What is your message or method, are you entertaining or educating?  Above all you want to be consistent and create an emotional connection with your readers.

Once you have answered these questions, either choose a pre-made theme or create a unique design, header and logo to brand your blog and stick to it.



Your content, your voice, your style and your visuals should consistently communicate your brand’s message and style.  There are a lot of blogs in the blogosphere, so try to make yours unique so that when it is seen on other social media platforms your readers will recognize it as yours.

Brand consistency also applies to your online activity.  Everything from the comments you leave on other blogs and websites, guest posts written, tweets and likes on Facebook.  If you build a powerful online brand you’ll establish yourself as an expert, drive traffic to your blog, build relationships and create loyal followings.


If you are going to include a logo or icon on your pictures and images, keep them consistent in size and shape.  If you create a custom cover image and want to be sure the colors match your profile picture, use a color picker tool to extract the color hex code. A hex code is a six-digit code that represents an exact color recognized universally by HTML and CSS.




You should limit yourself to two or three main fonts for your posts but you can break that rule when posting on social media.

When choosing colors and images for your visual updates, consider what kinds of feelings you want to evoke.  For example, if you are promoting a contest, use bright, cheerful colors.

Your content, your voice, your style and your visuals should communicate your brand’s message and consistency is key.


Think of your blog name and tagline like words on a billboard. Just by reading them, a new reader should get a sense of what your blog is about.  A good blog name is memorable. It’s catchy and unique… and people remember how to spell it after hearing the name once or twice.   Believe it or not, my tagline is

“Your Blog is Your Brand”



A tagline reinforces not only your blog’s name, but also your blog’s purpose. In fact, you may find that your tagline is simply your purpose. Or your purpose can just be a starting point. Your tagline doesn’t need to be ultra clever; it just needs to tell the reader what they’ll get out of visiting your blog and mine is helping others build their brand with a blog.


People read and continue to follow your blog because of your voice. The words you use, the way you tell a story, the way you make them laugh or cry, remember it’s the emotional connection.

Your writing is a critical part in creating your brand but you don’t have to be a Shakespearean author, however, spelling and grammar is key.  Be yourself and keep your tone consistent throughout and don’t try to copy another’s blogger’s writing style, make it your own.

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