Blogging From the Beach – What To Do While on Vacation

I don’t know about you, but we all need a break from blogging and most of us wouldn’t dare do so on vacation…or would we?

However, when it’s time to unwind and unplug from the laptop and smartphone there are ways in which to do so and still stay on top of things.

Make sure your accommodations have a free, reliable WiFi connection

This is absolutely essential if you want to blog during your vacation. Make sure that you ask about the Internet service before you book your hotel or resort otherwise, you might be thoroughly disappointed or feel anxious without a good WiFi connection.


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Blog when everyone else is sleeping

Ssssh…balancing a family vacation or ones with friends can make it hard to keep your online schedule, posting, tweeting and such. So in order to stay connected with your readers, work during times when everyone is sleeping or taking a nap.

You can wake up a few hours earlier, watch the sunrise, get some breakfast, and start blogging!


Take a mobile or lightweight computing device with you

I love working on my laptop at home but it’s heavy. When you are traveling you’ll be moving around a lot, so it’s important that you take something that is light and can easily fit into a large tote/purse, a small backpack or something similar.

I have an iPad and HP Tablet, which is easy to take out of my bag when going through airport security, and carrying around while relaxing on the beach.


Capture those great moments and use the change of scenery to your advantage

The best thing about blogging while traveling is that you are in a completely new environment. This can enhance your blog writing because you have new sights, sensations and inspirations.

Even if you don’t blog about the personal stuff you can write blog posts featuring your niche from a different perspective. For example, if you are traveling to Mexico and you write about fashion, why not feature some of the local styles and fashions there?

Last but certainly not least plan!  

Just like the other plans and lists you made for vacation, schedule your written posts for the week using a WP plugin, Hootsuite or Bufferapp, then pack up and go!


packed bags


Do you have any tips to add?


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