Chicken Sausage and Fresh Veggies

Here’s another easy, breezy quick and healthy mid-week meal for you and your family if you’re trying to watch your weight or are getting ready for the warmer weather and want to spend more time outdoors. I am keeping up with my diabetic diet in hopes that when I have my numbers checked they will be lower.

Ingredients for this one pan meal was a package of fully cooked Chicken Sausages. I chose Sweet Italian Style with Red and Green Peppers purchased from Trader Joe’s.

Ingredients for Chicken Sausage and Veggies

12 oz package of Fresh Asparagus, rinsed and ends trimmed also purchased from Trader Joe’s.

1/2 bag of mini Sweet Peppers diced.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and seasoning of your choice, I used Organic Thyme. Make sure to pre-heat the oven to 350゚.

Spread a little Olive Oil on the bottom of a glass pan; trim the ends of asparagus and lay them on the bottom then add diced peppers.

Top with diced Chicken Sausage, drizzle a bit more of the Olive Oil and place in the pan in the pre-heated oven for 45 minutes.

It was quick and easy meal and hubby loved it as well.

Let’s Chat > What are your favorite fresh veggies?

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6 thoughts on “Chicken Sausage and Fresh Veggies

    1. It was actually quite tasty and it surprised me so I ended up buying another package of Chicken Sausage to make it again this week. I hope you enjoy it have a great week.

    1. Believe it or not I made Corned Beef and Cabbage for my son and his fraternity brother who are home this week for Spring Break. It is in the Crockpot now! I hope you have a great week.

  1. Good morning and thanks for this nice yet simple recipe that the whole family can enjoy, dear Del. One of the most frustrating limitations of special diets for Diabetes for example is the lack of empathy and support of the family members of the patients (especially when it concerns the lady of the house that almost single-handedly cooks for the whole family) We must help the concerned patient by also eating healthily ourselves and keeping good count of our caloric intake. Having said that, I invite you to have a peek a t my latest where i show the fab barbecue we had yesterday (a rare event in our life as we are all following a diet of some kind and eat little red meat save for these special occasions) A big kiss. Arrivederci!

  2. Oh yes, I know what you mean but fortunately hubby and I are in sync and neither one of us can have sugar. Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to taking a peek at your barbecue recipe as well. Have a wonderful week.

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