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Poof – the holidays are gone just as quickly as they arrived and I hope you got all the gifts that you wanted.  If not and you are still in need of a few, check out some gifts and gadgets that can be purchased from Geek ~ The Smarter Shopper App.





My sons are older and they along with hubby are Muslims so I don’t buy them “Christmas Gifts”, however, I do celebrate Christmas and give them gifts after the 25th of December.  In addition to purchasing monogramed Turkish Towels from Bed Bath and Beyond, I also ordered them personalized hoodies from Geek Smarter Shopper.



After downloading the Geek app onto this Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone which I am reviewing for Verizon Wireless (#teampixel), I spent the next hour checking out some of the cool products which I wanted to purchase not only for the guys but a few for myself. 




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As a gadget geek, I found some really cool products and put them in my cart so I can make one big purchase for a few giveaways.  However, I wanted to buy the sweatshirts immediately for the guys and couldn’t wait to check out. 




The process was easy, using my Paypal account, shipping was quick and I received an email during the entire process including the day the package arrived so I was able to run out to the mailbox to retrieve it, no #porchpoachers to be concerned with.






There were products and price points ranging from FREE (just pay shipping) to upwards of two and three hundred dollars so there is definitely something for everyone; Smartphone covers, refurbished laptops and drones, clothing, jewelry and household products – it was like shopping the old school “Sears Christmas Wish Book” – do you remember them?




You can access the website from your laptop and tablet as well, but I suggest you download the Geek Smarter Shopper app onto your smartphone so that when you are looking for new techie gift or gadget it will be right at your fingertips. 




Geek will also send you emails with the latest gifts and gadgets that you may not realize that you need in your life – check it out and let me know what you find.




Let’s Chat > what are some of your favorite Geek Gifts?


7 thoughts on “Gifts Purchased from Geek ~ The Smarter Shopper App

    1. Gurl, you and me both, I could spend hours walking around Five Below and now have been checking out the cool “I don’t need but want” items at Geek. My men love their hoodies and I need order one for myself. Have a wonderful weekend.

  1. I never heard of Geek Shopper App before. Checking out their prices on goods you showed, their prices are very reasonable. I need to check them out because you know I’m all about saving money Sis!


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