How You Can Help The Homeless with a Horror Film


I invite you all to listen to this recent radio interview on Heart Ministry Radio with my clients Elijah Richardson and Leroy Bryant to learn how you can help the homeless with a horror film.




Short Summary

Elijah and Leroy are Directors, Producers and Writers for films; they have also completed rewrites for Emmy and Peabody award-winning Producer Lee Levinson; have co-written a screenplay for hire, “Dream Real the Movie” adapted from a Barnes & Noble bestsellers list autobiography “Dream Real” for NAP SPORTS, LLC; co-written a produced short titled “Prodigal, The Movie”; most recently, they have co-produced and co-directed “Creature In The Woods”, our original featured found-footage horror script and in February 2017 signed a worldwide distribution contract with Summer Hill Films/Tom Cat Films; both are recipients of: The Hollywood Film Institute (Independent Filmmaker Certificate) – 2011 and The Hollywood Film Institute (Producer’s Diploma) – 2011

What We Need & What You Get

One-hundred homeless veterans and homeless will be employed as actors and/or day workers (Even hired into other production positions based on skill level); will be provided with 2 meals per day during the shoot schedule; coordinate and provide shelter for homeless individuals of the 100 not currently living in a shelter; provide transportation to and from the shooting sites.

The production budget for the film project is $867K, to cover Homeless/Veteran Cast ($100/day), directors, travel/living, main cast, production staff, art, set construction, wardrobe, make-up, sound, transportation, editing, music, publicity/photography, insurance, reception and more.

The funds will be transferred into the Night of the Vegan homeless economic stimulus account until funding is raised to produce the film.

Contributors will have a positive affect on the lives of 100 homeless individuals, helping them to re-establish themselves back into society; Be part of a blueprint developing a successful economic stimulus plan for the homeless.

Elijah and Leroy produced, directed and wrote their Independent feature film titled “Wild Man of the Woods” (US) “Creature in the Woods” (INTL) which will be distributed by Summer Hill Films (April 17, 2018) (checkout Both have worked some twenty-five plus years in the service field. Combining their creative abilities and desire to change the lives of the homeless will make this project successful.

Risks & Challenges

Let’s be real…of course this project will be challenging. Homeless individuals might not want to speak with us. Many will have mental issues that are a common condition among their population. There will be those with anger and aggressive behaviors. Other conditions such as poverty, unemployment, shortage of affordable housing are other causes of homelessness. In addition, family breakdown, sexual assault and social isolation have resulted in being homeless.

Elijah and Leroy also work for a hospital for some combined eleven years and in their role, spending 1000’s of hours of contact with the homeless. They have spoken with 100’s of homeless individuals about their current situation.

They are driven on encouraging the homeless to want to change themselves.

Elijah and Leroy plead contributors to get the word out and make some noise about the homeless and homeless veterans economic stimulus project campaign even if you are unable to contribute financially. Together you can make a difference by not be like everyone else.

*Twenty percent of domestic box office net will go to the homeless veterans and homeless participants to be divided equally.

You can help support their humanitarian project for homeless veterans and homeless families that are truly in need.  Please visit Indiegogo and/or Fundly for details of this economic stimulus project.




Even $1.00 can go a long way to employing 100 homeless veterans and homeless. Please donate and share and make The Forgotten Film Productions project a huge success and a model for unity around the world. 

Thank you.


Leroy E. Bryant II

Leroy, born and raised in Wilmington, attended and graduated from Delcastle Technical High School in Wilmington. He later attended Delaware Technical and Community College graduating with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. He is fluent in Italian.

LEROY Leroy co-founded, co-owned and operated Allegra Desserts S.A.S. from 1999 until 2007 when he sold his shares in the company to pursue a career in film. The company operated as Divina Desserts USA in the United States. He was the Director of U.S. Operations and head of the company’s research and development for the Italian-based company. Leroy was responsible for day-to-day operations of the company’s largest market, the United States (and Canada until 2002). The company produced artisan classic Italian desserts, which it exported to seven different countries from Italy. In just two years, in 2001, Leroy’s vision and leadership catapulted Divina/Allegra Desserts to succeed as the second largest dessert manufacturer in Southern Italy.

Elijah C. Richardson, Jr

Elijah grew up and was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. After graduating from St. Joseph’s H.S., Elijah attended West Virginia University to pursue a career in education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education, minor in Sports Management. In 1992 he relocated to Wilmington, Delaware. He spent over fifteen years as a director for the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. At both organizations, Elijah provided programs and services to thousands of children. He provided leadership roles to establish activities and services to prepare youth for success.

ELIJAH Through his planning, implementing, mentoring, developing and evaluating the overall organization’s programs, services and activities, he ensured that they met stated objectives for children, parental needs, and interests.

Elijah and business partner Leroy , have also been writing screenplays for several years. In 2005, as a screenwriting team, they completed their first original screenplay, “The Second Coming,” after originally collaborating on a comic book project. The screenplay earned them a quarter-finalist placing in the Writer’s on the Storm screenwriting competition in

Los Angeles that same year. Fueled from the result of the contest, they both attended the Writer’s Expo in 2005, 2006 and 2010 to network and sharpen their skills.

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