Invest in Your Health with Isagenix : Staying Fit After Fifty

I have blamed menopause for my weight gain, however, the beer and chips may have also contributed to it; a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention that I am always sitting – if not in the car for 3 hours which is my normal daily commute, but also when I get to work and then again when I return home, which I like to say is giving me a “blogger’s butt” .

However, it’s not just one particular factor, there are several but mainly it’s the preservatives and toxins that are in our foods which appears to be giving a big boost to the increased cancer diagnosis’ in Americans.  So when I met and spoke to Denise Ciancia, I wanted to learn more about Isagenix and how it could improve my life. 

On this evening’s Podcast, Denise and I discussed Isagenix as well as tips on staying fit after fifty and several members of Team Inspiration Facebook Group called in with their wonderful life-altering stories of success!



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