“There is Hope Man” – Welcome Home Joe and Jill Biden

Welcome Home Celebration for Joe and Jill Biden in Delaware
Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Press Corp in welcoming back Vice President Joe Biden and his lovely wife, Dr. Jill Biden at the Chase Center on the Riverfront.
I will not bore you with the details about who was there and which dignitaries spoke as you can always check the WDEL or DelawareOnline websites or head over to see my Facebook timeline.  
However, what I am going to do in addition to sharing a few pictures (of which I took over 200), is to share these four words which were spoken by the VP, and were my takeaway of the day.
Vice President Joe Biden
It was such a long day for the Vice President, his family, staff, and security that I didn’t think that I would have a chance to get a picture with him and I almost didn’t.
However, with a little perseverance and quick thinking, I was able to have these pictures taken with my new “cousins” from Nigeria.
Picture with the Vice President
Vice President Joe Biden adminiring my shirt
I was wearing the shirt from the first Inauguration in 2009 of which the Vice President admired, which had me so tongue tied that I forgot to introduce myself as the Delaware Blogger and to tell him that as part of my Podcast introduction I say,
“…coming to you live, from the middle of Delaware, home of our current Vice President Joe Biden”.
Tomorrow’s intro will remain the same, however, I will change the word current to former Vice President.
The following are a few pictures that I took with my new Nikon camera which I had purchased the day before at Best Buy.  Although I had stayed up late reading the instructions you will note that I need a bit more practice!
Getting ready for the Welcome Home event
Music before the event
Welcome Home Joe and Jill Event in Delaware
Senator Coons
Vice President Joe Biden
Public Allies in the stands
Military Guards
Vice President Biden
Valerie Biden embracing VP Biden
Vice President Joe Biden in Delaware
Valerie Biden speaking
crowd at the Welcome Home Joe and Jill event
Welcome Home Joe and Jill Event in Delaware
Dr. Jill Biden
The following pictures were taken with my Samsung Smartphone.
Vice President taking selfies on the rope line
My picture with the Vice Prsident

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