Spring Break Away From Your Smartphone While Traveling


Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring and many students from all around the world will be preparing for their annual Spring Break Getaway, but will they be able to break away from their smartphones?





Whether they are simply heading home for a week to catch up on sleep and do laundry or catching a flight to some far away island, most will be unable to unplug and unwind during this time.  Oftentimes you will see entire families walking around completely oblivious to their surroundings as they are all heads down texting and swiping. 


Travelers are tied to their Smartphones 24/7/365 and it’s not healthy!




Travelers are so tied to their smartphones and other devices that they literally collide into each other.  Diners are slow to respond to servers who come to take their orders and then they complain when the food is cold because they are slow to eat it. 


Screen addiction is no joke and it may be killing the travel industry.


In a recent study at Baylor University, it was found that on average, college women spend 10 hours a day on the cellphones, while male students spent about 8 hours.  The article published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, also noted that 60% of college students admit that they may be addicted to their cellphone. 


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Unfortunately, to break this addiction may be extremely hard for most because of IoT (internet of things) as we use our cellphones for more than talking and texting.  We use our cellphones to make purchases, open and close our garage doors, check into hotels, and of course send and receive personal and business emails. 


Breaking the cellphone addition is not impossible!


There are plenty of good reasons to be in the moment especially when traveling so if you find that you are addicted to your smartphone, try these two simple steps to help you detox so that you can enjoy a well deserved vacation or spring break getaway.


  • Set your phone for “airplane mode” to stop the barrage of notifications if only for a few hours
  • Set a “do not disturb” time on your iPhone or Android – believe it or not there’s an app for that


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