Slow Cooked Meatballs and Pasta

Slow Cooked Meatballs and Pasta

I have been trying to find new Crockpot recipes and found one for Slow Cooked Pineapple Teriyaki Meatballs but the ingredients contained too much sugar and sodium, so I decided to try something differently.

I keep a bag of Turkey Meatballs in the freezer and also had a bag of peas, so I decided to combine them with a jar of mushroom bits and pieces with Alfredo Sauce topped over pasta and it was AH-MAH-ZING!

Happy Holidays!


1 – Bag 24 oz Turkey Meatballs

1 – Jar of Mushroom Pieces

1/2 – bag frozen peas

1 – Jar Cheese Alfredo Pasta Sauce

1 – Jar of water (optional)

1/2 bag of Yolk Free Egg Dumpling Noodles – cooked


Pour bag of meatballs into Crockpot, add frozen peas, pour in mushrooms and top with Alfredo Sauce, you can add a jar of water to make more of a gravy consistency.

Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours or low for 6 hours depending on Crockpot Style

Boil noodles as per package directions

Remove lid carefully to stir and mix all ingredients

Drain noodles

Turn off Crockpot and spoon meatball mixture over noodles, stir and enjoy!

This was more than enough for 4 people for two days, you can also freeze leftovers if you wish, just use within a month’s time.

What is your favorite way to prepare meatballs?

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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