Growing up in the 60’s in New Rochelle, NY raised by a grandma who believed in healthy eating, there were always fresh veggies on the table or in the refrigerator.

Instead of candy bowls filled with sweet treats there were raw carrot and celery sticks, sweet peppers and of course of my favorite cucumber slices.

What are your favorite fresh veggies?

Favorite Fresh Veggies

I stopped in at Lidl last week and couldn’t help but fill my cart with some fresh veggies which included Artisian Series Mini Cucumbers, Red Sin Farms Mini Sweet Peppers and fresh from the vine tomatoes all of which are my favorite fresh veggies.

Drizzled with Organic Apple Cider

Last week I posed this question on Facebook and got a few answers, so today I am posing it again here on the blog, “what are your favorite fresh veggies?”

What fresh veggies reminds you of family and summer fun?

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2 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Fresh Veggies?

  1. My favorite fresh veggies are tomatoes. The ones you buy in the store just don’t compare. I do my best to preserve the wonderful flavor for the rest of the year by making soup, sauce, and juice. All much much healthier than buying them already made and highly processed.

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